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The Manor is pleased to offer yoga and rejuvenation massages. The hotel offers yoga for general fitness as well as yoga for specific ailments like hypertension, backaches, spondylosis, arthritis, diabetes and a host of other ailments whose treatment is effectively complemented with yoga taught by highly trained yoga masters. For those looking for peace of mind and tranquility, we offer meditation sessions.

We also offer our guests Ayurvedic rejuvenation massages with special herbal oils made from centuries old formula. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medical remedial systems with a holistic, comprehensive range of treatments, dietary requirements and wellness practices. While we currently only offer the Abhyanga and head / foot massages, we shall expand to provide more comprehensive Ayurvedic as well as other Eastern treatments in our Spa and wellness center, currently under development.

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  Therapy Duration Price
  Head Massage 30 mins 1250
  Foot Massage 30 mins 1250
  Reflexology 45 mins 2500
(Normal Ayurvedic Massage)
60 mins 3000
  Rejuvenation Massage 60 mins 3000
  Potli Massage
(Ailment Specific Massage)
60 mins 3000
  Ayurvedic / Fruit Facial 45 mins 2500
All therapies are exclusive of taxes and there shall be 10% Service Charge,
12.36% Service Tax and 03% Luxury tax, levied on the therapies.